Belly Dance Classes

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Liquid Gold-Fusion Bellydance W/
Heather Marie

April Schedule:
Mondays 4/4, 4/11, 4/18, 4/25

7-8:00pm EST “Back to Basics” (Beginners)

8:15-9:15pm EST “Shake Down” (All Levels Drills)

Monday Class Descriptions
“Back to Basics”~Beginners: This is a perfect place to
start as we will provide a strong foundation & help you
find your grounding! When there is proper alignment
and you conceptually understand, it’s only a matter of
time w/ consistent practice that the Body will fall into
place! Join the fun, connect with community and treat
yourself to a good time!
“Shake Down”~ (All Levels Drills) A perfect class to
clean up your technique and get your mind in the zone
for the week ahead!!! Class will open with a dynamic
warm-up on or off the mat. Drills will vary from week to
week providing a fun and challenging class packed with
a punch; focusing on isolations, traveling foot patterns
& layers for the more advanced dancers. Closing the
class with a juicy cool down, leaving you buzzing from
head to toe; feeling inspired & energized.

Masks are encouraged

“Wiggle Wednesdays” on Zoom (All Levels)
7-8pm EST 4/6, 4/13, 4/20, 4/27
(Class link will be sent out when payment is received!
Class recordings will also be available, for your
***Whether you are looking to brush up or refine your
technique, work on your choreography skills, or simply
a faster moving class; you’ve come to the right place!
This class will have plenty of options for layering. We
will be playing with different elements of dance each
week; opening up a multitude of options to color your
movement. These magikal keys if you will, not only
create dynamics within your movement quality, but aid
in helping you find your authentic voice!
A If you want to have fun learning, challenge your
body & brain, build strength, muscle memory, stamina,
flexibility, or just want to gain more control of your
technique, you will not be disappointed after diving into
these classes! Bring a Yoga mat & Water!

Pricing and Class Bundles*
$50 for Wiggle Wed. on Zoom/Recordings
$75 for 4 in person classes
$130 for 8 in person classes
Drop in: $20/class

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    Please plan accordingly as classes do not roll over!!