Liquid Gold w/ Heather Marie 4wk FusionBellydance Series

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May 5/2nd-5/25th Schedule:
Mondays 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23
7-8:00pm EST “Beginner Technique”
8:15-9:15pm EST “Shake Down” (All Levels Drills)
Monday Class Descriptions
Beginner Technique: This is a perfect place to start as
we will provide a strong foundation & help you find your
grounding! When there is proper alignment and you
conceptually understand, it’s only a matter of time W/
consistent practice that the Body will fall into place!
Join the fun, connect with community and treat yourself
to a good time!
“Shake Down”~ (All Levels Drills) A perfect class to
clean up your technique and get your mind in the zone
for the week ahead!!! Class will open with a dynamic
warm-up on or off the mat. Drills will vary from week to
week providing a fun and challenging class packed with
a punch; focusing on isolations, traveling foot patterns
& layers for the more advanced dancers. Closing the
class with a juicy cool down, leaving you buzzing from
head to toe; feeling inspired & energized.
Masks are encouraged on Mondays

“Combo Lab” on Zoom (All Levels)
7-8pm EST 5/4, 5/11, 5/15, 5/25
(Class link will be sent out when payment is received!
Class recordings will be available, for your
***Whether you are looking to brush up or refine your
technique, work on your choreography skills, or simply
a faster moving class; you’ve come to the right place!
This class will have plenty of options for layering. We
will be playing with different elements of dance each
week; opening up a multitude of options to color your
movement. These magikal keys if you will, not only
create dynamics within your movement quality, but aid
in helping you find your authentic voice!
g’ If you want to have fun learning, challenge your
body & brain, build strength, muscle memory, stamina,
flexibility, or just want to gain more control of your
technique, you will not be disappointed after diving into
these classes! Bring a Yoga mat & Water!
Email me at or Direct Message
me on Messenger or call /text 313-613-2623 ASAP,
letting us know what classes you plan on attending.
Then SEND Payment through any of the options below.
Pricing and Class Bundles
$50 for “Comb Lab” on Zoom w/ Recordings
$75 for 4 in person classes
$130 for 8 in person classes
$170 for Unlimited classes (Mondays & Wednesdays)

Drop in: $20/class
Venmo HeatherMarie4444
CashApp HeatherMarie 4444
Facebook Pay
locale.x=en US
Please plan accordingly as classes do not roll over!!
Make Up Policy: If you need to miss a class Please
notify us within 24hrs of class! You are welcome to
Make Up by dropping into any other available class
throughout the month upon approval or I can send you
a Wednesday recording! I’ll be as flexible as possible as
we are in diff times and you never know these days!
Let’s be SAFE and COURTEOUS of our peers & those
that are immunocompromised!
Feel free to DM me on messenger, email me at or call/ text me at
313-613-2623 with any questions.