Welcome to Studio One!

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Studio one is an independent dance/yoga studio offering classes in various forms of dance and yoga.  The studio is under the direction of Jessica Gennaccaro, a certified yoga instructor.  Classes are forming now. Come check us out. We look forward to having you as our guest!group shot

Thursday February 2nd

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The 9:30am and 12:00 yoga classes are cancelled.

Thanks for your patience

Monday January 30th

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The 5:45pm yoga class is cancelled.

Thanks for your patience

Belly Dance SCHEDULE: November 7th-30th

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Join us for our final In Person series of 2022!! In person on Mondays & Virtual options available on Wednesdays!!!! Technique Drills, Finger Cymbals, Slinky Combos & Part 2 of our Contemporary Fusion Finger Cymbal Choreography!!

In Person classes will be held on Mondays at Studio One in Madison Heights & Wednesdays on “Zoom” w/ recording available for your convenience! I invite you to explore my approach on movement, inching the needle closer to finding your authentic voice in the process.

FULL SCHEDULE: November 7th-30th

Mondays: 11/7, 11/14, 11/21, 11/28
7-8:00pm EST “Cymbal Skills”
8:15-9:15pm EST “Nocturnal Stealth of Cats” (Intermediate Contemporary Fusion Finger Cymbal Choreography pt.2).

Monday Class Descriptions ⬇️

Let’s play finger cymbals! One of my favorite instruments. We will explore Middle Eastern rhythms and strengthening our body-mind connection through the art of Finger Cymbals. Learning how to play with the music and not overpower the overall composition. This series with help you feel more relaxed and confident while dancing and playing your cymbals together. It’s a lot, I get it, however, there are ways to break it down, simplify and strengthen your chops, so you can play how you truly feel!

7-8pm EST “Cymbal Skillz” Beginner Friendly Finger Cymbal drills will challenge any skill level! We will acquaint ourselves with how to play Finger Cymbals Right and Left hand dominate, Drill patterns, and layering in simple yet challenging movement sequences. Developing a sensitivity and deeper connection with the music and more confidence playing your cymbals.

8:15-9:15pm EST “Nocturnal Stealth of Cats” (Intermediate Choreography pt.2). I created this Cymbal Choreography in 2019. Its dreamy & technically complex with just the right pinch of sass! Let’s bring this baby back to life! We will chip away at this Choreography, building each week, finishing with a complete piece! Message me if you need to purchase Finger Cymbals and I’d love to help!!! This is a continuation of our last series, however anyone is allowed to jump in and join us!

Masks are encouraged on Mondays

Wednesdays: Slinky Combos (Live on Zoom + recording)⬇️
11/9, 11/16, 11/23, 11/30
7-8:30pm EST Whether you’re looking to brush up or refine your previous technique, or simply want a faster moving class; you’ve come to the right place! This class will play with a diff combo each week and have plenty of options for layering Basic Belly dance techniques with Liquid & Waving Concepts for the intermediate to advanced dancers.

🔥💕If you’re interested in..
-Having fun
-Improving your cymbal work
-Learning some new skills
-Challenging your Body & Brain
-Building strength, muscle memory, stamina & flexibility
-Finding confidence in your technique…..You will not be disappointed after diving into these classes! Bring a Yoga mat & Water!

Email me at Leilanidance@gmail.com or Direct Message me on Messenger or call /text 313-613-2623 ASAP, letting us know what classes you plan on attending. Then SEND Payment through any of the options below.

🌻Pricing & Class Bundles🌻
$150 for 8 classes “Combo Lab” classes on Zoom w/ Recordings
$75 for 4 in person classes
$135 for 8 in person classes
$180 for Unlimited classes (Mondays & Wednesdays)
Drop in: $20/class
➡️Venmo HeatherMarie4444
➡️CashApp HeatherMarie4444
➡️Facebook Pay http://m.me/pay/LeilaniDance
➡️Paypal https://www.paypal.me/HMarie4444?locale.x=en_US

Please plan accordingly as classes do not roll over!!

Make Up Policy: If you need to miss a class Please notify us within 24hrs of class! You are welcome to Make Up by dropping into any other available class throughout the series upon approval or I can send you a Wiggle Wednesday recording! I’ll be as flexible as possible as we are in diff times and you never know these days! Let’s be SAFE and COURTEOUS of our peers & those that are immunocompromised!
Feel free to DM me on messenger, email me at Leilanidance@gmail.com or call/ text me at 313-613-2623 with any questions.

New Yoga Teacher and Class

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Starting Monday February 7th our new yoga teacher will be holding a 5:30pm Yoga class

Marilyn Stephanie Zampardo has 5 years dedicated to teaching yoga and has been practicing for over half of her life. Her teaching style will build your strength all around, make you laugh, and grow spiritually: mind body and soul.

Yoga Uplift Tribe:

A vinyasa style class, with dance breaks, strength & balance bonuses, and time to free flow to creative sequences. Must be open to connect with other yogis, be silly, and stick with the fun challenges. This class is recommended for students who are quick learners or who have done yoga 5-10 times before.

New Client Special

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5 classes for $25

New clients only.

Private Yoga

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Private yoga classes are available!!

Call 248-506-7123 for details